Sunday, February 18, 2018

Might as well start today.....

Here I sit, looking out my office window on a Sunday, in February, with eeekkk.... snow coming down. Last night I had a dream about spring and I made a quilt and called it Sunny Lemonade. Now I feel hatred, to the snow. I just the spring warmth. I want the warmth my dream held and the beautiful quilt I made in my dream. ( just now learning to sew and quilt in real life).

About me, I am turning.... 44. I still change my mind about what I want to be when I grow up weekly. I go gung-ho on my ideas, then burn out. I love learning new things and change my hobbies as I see fit. Current one is learning to Quilt.
But the things I do know, I have 3 kids ages 15, 25, and almost 27...All Boys!! I have 1 grandchild, who is 5, finally a girl in my life!. I have been with my husband for 28 years. (He is my bestie, and I kinda like him). I love my family. We are a little dysfunctional, but we acknowledge it, so it is okay.
You do not want to sit down to dinner with my family. The things that get talked about, sometimes I don't even want to be there. But we always laugh and when push comes to shove, we are always there for each other.
I know you are not supposed to have a favorite in your family, but I can not lie... Princess S is my favorite. (I am pretty sure my whole family knows it) She is my mini-me and I cant get enough of her.
Off to contemplate life as I stare at the snow, gently falling and ruining my dreams of wearing shorts and flip flops.

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