Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today I am home with my granddaughter. Just her and I and I realized vacuuming one handed holding a 25 lb baby in your other arm takes skill! This child sleeps until 8:30 usually everyday....except the 1st day Grandma has her alone. She woke up at 6:15.

This is my last two weeks with my youngest going off to school everyday. While I enjoy the quiet without him, I also miss the time with him. Next year we will be using Connections Academy through our school district. They will have a program where he can go socialize and be with kids 5 days a week while he does his work, yet it is optional. (We will be utilizing it when I need a break from him) He also has a chance to take PE and use the after school program at the school he is attending now. He is very honest in his opinions he will get a better education without the distractions of a full class of kids. While we will not be doing traditional homeschooling, it is for him what he feels would help him get more work done and learn in deeper detail.

Off to change a stinky diaper. When her parents are home, I pass her off so they can do their parenting duty. I like that system better.

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